Dynamic Resumes

Mark and Maven creates onlines resumes from personal candidate data. Applicants enter an email address and are issued a private data account where they can store Facebook, Google, and other data. Then we access some of that information to create their resume.


Our resumes are always and automatically kept up to date


Our technology shows you information a regular resume can't


We use provable, personal data sets that are unbiased and hard to fake


We source data and insights that help you hire the best representative teams

Hiring with Maven

With a Mark and Maven resume it can be easier to verify and quantify the candidate information you really care about. Our technology can verify application authenticity, and provide richer information about who's behind the application.

Improve your representation

By drawing from richer candidate data, we'll make it easier for you to inject represenation and diversity into your hiring practice, clearly identifying the qualities that make low representation candidates more competitive.

30-day trials

Try a full-service recruitment contract from Mark and Maven free today. We'll source and vet applicants to any job posting in any industry, supplementing the applications of any candidates who want one with a Mark and Maven online resume. Candidates are sourced from the best online job boards and top universities in the UK.

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