Mark and Maven

A better way of hiring people

Go beyond the resume and the LinkedIn profile, with data that reflects who your candidates actually are. Mark and Maven lets you assess people for their skills, abilities, and personal attributes - not just their past experience.

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Mark and Maven is hiring like normal, but less work and better data.

If you're hiring someone, Mark and Maven can help. We run your hiring campaign for you, and we inject data that goes above and beyond the resume.

Every night, we'll send you a report of all the people who've applied, with a suggested ranking and dynamic data included.

You'll work less hard on your hiring, and you'll get better results - because you're using better information.

Dynamic data to supplement the resume.

Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and job application forms are great. They sums just about anyone's professional career pretty well. But they have their limitations - if you want to know how hard-working someone is, how far they tend to commute, or their willingness to work irregular hours, you need better data.

Private candidate data that can help your hiring decision.

Mark and Maven hiring campaigns combine normal resume/application data with new information, that's dynamic and verifiable. That additional information can help you learn new things, like their soft skills or risks that you might not be aware of.

How does it work?

When a candidate applies for a job through Mark and Maven, we also ask them to create a user account - it's just a few clicks. Then we ask their permission to pull data about them from across the Internet into that account. If they agree, we can start to ask questions about them using that data, and even verify that the answers that the data tells us are real.

Here's the important bit: we never ask for any data that's unethical for you to know, and no-one but the candidate can see any of this data if they don't want us to.

So for a couple of clicks, your candidates get an application that has better data in it, you get better information about them, and everyone's privacy and ethics are always preserved.

Some examples of the new types of data you can get with a Mark and Maven campaign.

Psychometric indicatorsVerifiable locationsWriting styleLanguagesHealth profileLeadership abilitySize and value of personal networksPersonality type

Fighting back against bias and finding under-valued talent.

In improving the data that everybody's using to hire new candidates, Mark and Maven is attempting to fight back against bias, racial, and gender discrimination in the worplace. The more you know a candidate, the easier you'll find it to hire 'outside the norm'.

Our goal is to help everyone hire the best person for the job - no matter the job, and no matter the person.

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