How Does This Work?

Mark and Maven will confirm your application by verifying you have a Facebook account and issuing you a private data account. Press the button and enter your email to begin.


Our resumes are always and automatically kept up to date


Our technology shows you information a regular resume can't


We use provable, personal data sets that are unbiased and hard to fake


We source data and insights that help you hire the best representative teams

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Mark and Maven began as an experiment in recruiting and workforce innovation. Using personal candidate data instead of self-reported professional experience, the dynamic resume was introduced as a way to combat unconscious bias. By looking at the specific candidate information an employer really cares about, Mark and Maven hopes to minimize the disadvantages facing women, people of colour, and other under-represented minority communities face within the workforce.

“Technology should be a force for good and efficiency in the economy. With Mark and Maven we can use it to improve representation in hiring, and make it easier for the best candidates to land the best jobs. Let's do some good.”
Natalie White, Founder